The Cable: Chapter 1 (of 2)
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Tips for Writing Histories and Journals
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Liz and the Picnic
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

Joseph Smith’s 1832 First Vision Account and Plato’s Cave
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Digitized Publications Available from Utah Archives
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JSPP Documents 5 goes to Class
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Definitive Thoughts on Reversing the 2015 Policy
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Big Islands

Handcarts and History
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Monday Morning Theological Poll: Decider Edition
By Common Consent : John C.

FSY Conferences Are Coming to Town
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Mormon Life on the Moon
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Pop Culture Friday: The Witch Boy
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Tessa

Review: Brigham Young and the Expansion of the Mormon Faith
By Common Consent : WVS

Whispering from the dust
Times & Seasons : Walter van Beek

“The Word of God Grew and Multiplied, Acts 10-15” #BCCSundaySchool2019
By Common Consent : Michael Austin


Further Islands & Atolls

When Charity Causes Death
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Yep, made the change
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More Changes to Nutritional Guidelines Support WofW
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Changes in the Church: Separating the Wheat from the Tares
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Living with both fear and faith....
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A Palm Sunday Prayer
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“…even in a dream…” (1 Nephi 2:1)
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Missing Egyptian Mathematical Texts
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New perk for Patrons: instant movie reviews!
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11 tips for Marrakech
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The 2018 End-of-the-Year Reckoning
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Wide releases of 2018: a handy list
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Gilgamesh: Yusuf Komunyakaa
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Hamilton London
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