JI on Polygamy
Juvenile Instructor : Saskia T

The Mormon Mokanna
Juvenile Instructor : Edje Jeter

Taking All Questions About Polygamy
Juvenile Instructor : J Stuart

Reminder: Faith and Knowledge Conference Deadline!
Faith-Promoting Rumor : TT

The Lord’s Truth: Universal but not Objective
New Cool Thang : Jeff G

…Like All the Other Nations
Faith-Promoting Rumor : TT

Menacing Mormons
Dave's Mormon Inquiry : Dave

Neo-Pragmatism and a Young Earth
New Cool Thang : Jeff G


Big Islands

How I Stay: Steph G.
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Jerilyn Hassell Pool

A Personal History of Polygamy
Feminist Mormon Housewives : christer1979

Plural Marriage and The Stories That Matter
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Sara Katherine Staheli Hanks

Ask fMh: Temple Recommends and Same Sex Marriage
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Alliegator

The Festival of Lights
By Common Consent : Morgan

Book review: ‘The Lost Book of Mormon’
By Common Consent : Steve Evans

New Polygamy Essays
Times & Seasons : Julie M. Smith

If You Like Trunk-or-Treats You Probably Don’t Have a Testimony
By Common Consent : Scott B.


The Isles of the Sea

Book Review: Textual and Comparative Explorations in 1 & 2 Enoch
FAIR Blog : FairMormon Staff

A Mormon Reads a REAL Atheist’s Blog Post
FAIR Blog : Neal Rappleye

Welcome the Task: Chapter 6
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

“I Take Up My Pen”: LDS Servicemen’s Committee, 1945
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

To Servicemen in Italy: August 1945
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

Faith and Reason 26: Trails in the Book of Mormon
FAIR Blog : Julianne Hatton

Return of the Green Monk(also: Inktober!)
A Motley Vision : Theric Jepson

Real Empowerment
Millennial Star : Joyce Anderson


The Isles of the Sea

Faith and History Conference: 2015
Peculiar People : Matthew Bowman

The Long View
Segullah : Jessie

Missional and Attractional Mormonism
Peculiar People : Rachael

Equality: Plural Marriage Style
Mormon Mentality : annegb

An Old Map Offers More Potential Evidence on Joseph's Views on Book of Mormon Lands
Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay

The Most Offensive Halloween Costume Ever
Mormon Mentality : Living in Zion

Passions: Bridle Your Passions
Segullah : Rosalyn

Passions: When You Shouldn’t Do What You Love
Segullah : Christie


More Islands & Atolls

LDSface2face with Lindsey Stirling Nov. 25
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

What is the Proclamation on the Family? (Weekend Poll)
Wheat & Tares : wheatmeister

“Glorious” Supercut Invitation from David Archuleta
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

Studying October 2014 LDS General Conference
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

Desafio de história mórmon: autoridade geral
Vozes Mormons : Vozes Mórmons

Some Non-Traditional Reasons I Am at Peace
Things of My Soul : Papa D

PR and Religion: Can We Cooperate?
Wheat & Tares : Hedgehog

Marriage Covenants
Wheat & Tares : Guest


Further Islands & Atolls

Second Coming: Upon My House Shall It Begin
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

7 Principles Learned from Joseph Smith’s First Vision
Grace for Grace : graceforgrace

Second Coming: A Desolating Sickness
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

LDS Doctrine Quiz #2-One Question on the Atonement
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared

What Will Happen on the Day Christ Comes Again?
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

On Being A Geek Girl
Expert Texperts : The Expert Textpert

For and In Behalf Of: The Fall (Part 2)
Expert Texperts : Allan Davis

LDS Doctrine Quiz #1-Two Questions on Repentance
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared