MSWR – July 20
Juvenile Instructor : Saskia T

Obedience vs. Self-Sufficiency
New Cool Thang : Jeff G

The Secret Tradition, Part 5: Judeo-Christian Apocalypses
Juvenile Instructor : Steve Fleming

Faith-Promoting Rumor : TT

CFP: 2015 Faith & Knowledge Conference
Juvenile Instructor : admin

Reason < Authority < Revelation
New Cool Thang : Jeff G

The False Prophets We Follow
New Cool Thang : Jeff G

Who’s the Prophet Here?
Faith-Promoting Rumor : RT


Big Islands

Are More Missionaries Returning Early?
By Common Consent : Russell Arben Fox

Standing Apart
By Common Consent : Guest

Transcript of FMH Podcast: Year of Polygamy: Early Utah Period Polygamy, Episode 39
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Winterbuzz

Come see the symposium on “The History of the Mormon Family”
By Common Consent : BHodges

A Bird in Hand is Worth Two in the Bush
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Kimberly

By Common Consent : jessiejensen

Woman, Know Thy Place
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Winterbuzz

A Call for Stories: Being The Change You Want to See
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Dorothy Hatch Ward


The Isles of the Sea

Stubbornness As A Virtue
Segullah : Kellie

Happy Pioneer Day
Peculiar People : Patrick Mason

Segullah : Lisa G.

Sabbath Revival: “Pioneer Day Fatigue”
Segullah : Catherine

CFP for the Fifth Biennial Faith and Knowledge Conference
Zelophehad's Daughters : ZD

The State of the Blog: A Quasi-Important Post
Benjamin the Scribe : Ben Spackman

Call for Papers – Faith and Knowledge Conference
Peculiar People : Rachael

Be of Good Cheer
Patheos : James Faulconer


More Islands & Atolls

Plan of Salvation Graffiti
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

The Acceptable Range
Wheat & Tares : hawkgrrrl

We Need to Move Beyond "Church Approved" to Live Meaningful Lives
Things of My Soul : Papa D

A autoridade nunca falha
Vozes Mormons : Antônio Trevisan Teixeira

Video: VanHulst Family Story
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

The Frustration of Symbolic Temple Language
Wheat & Tares : Mormon Heretic

A Beautiful Talk about Inclusion Despite Fundamental Differences, even Marriage and Sexual Orientation
Things of My Soul : Papa D

MD Podcast – Elder Oaks and his April 2014 talk
Wheat & Tares : Bill Reel


Further Islands & Atolls

A Quick Guide to Current Events (In Haiku)
Expert Texperts : Casey

“…Ye Ask Not, Neither Do Ye Knock; Wherefore Ye are Not Brought into the Light…”
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared

The Metaphorical Ton of Bricks
Expert Texperts : Brooke W

In the Power of the Spirit
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

One Woman's Mormon Temple Experience
Rains Came Down : SilverRain

Eborn Books Author Presentation
Temple Themes : Araignée

BYU Education Week and more!
Temple Themes : Araignée

Loud Music: An Odyssey of Aggression
Expert Texperts : Casey