Weekly Round-Up
Juvenile Instructor : J Stuart

New Developments at the Dictionary of Mormon Biography
Juvenile Instructor : Tod R.

Female Voice and the Prophetess Huldah
Faith-Promoting Rumor : RT

The Mormon History Comps List (2014 Version)
Juvenile Instructor : Ben P

Drawbacks to Ordaining Women
New Cool Thang : Jeff G

Challenging Church Leadership
Faith-Promoting Rumor : TT

Some non-arguments against ordaining women to the LDS priesthood
Faith-Promoting Rumor : jupiterschild

The Mormon People: Introduction
Dave's Mormon Inquiry : Dave


Big Islands

“Celestial Kingdom Jurisdiction” and Tax Protesters
By Common Consent : Sam Brunson

Thinking about Miracle Stories
Times & Seasons : Julie M. Smith

Tuesday of Holy Week
By Common Consent : Guest

Mormon Lectionary Project: Tuesday in Holy Week
By Common Consent : Jason K.

There is Hope
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Kalani

Mormon Lectionary Project: Monday in Holy Week
By Common Consent : john f.

Whining at Moses
Times & Seasons : Frank McIntyre

What It Would Take to Not Believe
Times & Seasons : Nathaniel Givens


The Isles of the Sea

Priesthood Article in Dialogue Blog : WVS

The Message of Easter, 1919
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

Poignant Bumper Sticker Memes
FAIR Blog : Stephen Smoot

“I Take Up My Pen”: Utah Agricultural College, 1892
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

“Belching Out a Tirade”
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

The “Mormon Matters” Theology
Millennial Star : Bruce Nielson

Awesome new Church video for Easter
Millennial Star : Geoff B.

Cheerful letter from a missionary in the south
Amateur Mormon Historian : BruceCrow


The Isles of the Sea

Thoughts of a Non-Convert
Zelophehad's Daughters : Lynnette

The Faith of Our Fathers
Peculiar People : Ryan Tobler

Finding room for your burdens on my back
Segullah : Shelah

The Arabian Peninsula: The Roots of a Remarkable Adventure in Understanding the Book of Mormon
Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay

Gospel Doctrine Lesson 14- Exodus 15-20, 32-34.
Benjamin the Scribe : Ben Spackman

Train Tripping (Part 3)
Zelophehad's Daughters : Lynnette

Parable of the Film Student
Segullah : Linda

Throwback Thursday
Segullah : Heather O.


More Islands & Atolls

Not Much in Life Must Be Set in Stone
Things of My Soul : Papa D

Pessach — A Páscoa Judaica
Vozes Mormons : Marcello Jun

Tall Tales and Truths
Mormon Momma : Angie Gardner

Easter Video “Because of Him” in Languages
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

Leaders with X-Ray Vision
Wheat & Tares : hawkgrrrl

Mormonism Should Not Clash with Science
Things of My Soul : Papa D

Invite Others to Watch Easter Video “Because of Him”
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

Outsourcing Morality to the MPAA
Wheat & Tares : Mormon Heretic


Further Islands & Atolls

Because of Him
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

Promptings of the Spirit: Revelation Or Brain Chemistry
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared

A Very, Very Serious Response to Ordain Women
Expert Texperts : Casey

A reminder: What to keep your peepers on today and tomorrow...
Expert Texperts : Brett Hurst

To Those Who Know Joseph
Rains Came Down : SilverRain

A Basement Rating of My Book by a Distinguished BYU Faculty Member and Why He is Wrong.
Religion and Science Blog :

FairMormon mistaken about death before the Fall
No Death Before the Fall : R. Gary

General Conference: What Are The Odds 2.0
Expert Texperts : The Expert Textpert