Big Islands

Feminist Mormon Housewives’ Response Post: Nondiscrimination and Religious Freedom
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Alliegator

Love and Priesthood
By Common Consent : Guest

On rights, draw the veil of ignorance
By Common Consent : RJH

Apologies and Repentance
Feminist Mormon Housewives : christer1979

All Apologies
By Common Consent : Steve Evans

I Neither Seek Apologies…
Feminist Mormon Housewives : Derek

Complicated Prophecy
Feminist Mormon Housewives : crazywomancreek

Gordon B. Hinckley
By Common Consent : john f.


The Isles of the Sea

A quick thought on Boyd Petersen being named editor of Dialogue
A Motley Vision : William Morris

The 1 Percent who own half the world’s wealth
Millennial Star : rameumptom

Communion at Midnight
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

4th Watch 18: OCD and addiction recovery
FAIR Blog : Ned Scarisbrick

Convenient Cover
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

Front Page News Review Podcast #3
FAIR Blog : NickGalieti

Writing Fiction for the Relief Society Magazine
Keepapitchinin : Ardis E. Parshall

Guest Post: Addiction, Alypius and the Gladiators
Millennial Star : Meg Stout


The Isles of the Sea

Veil of Ignorance & Discrimination
Mormon Metaphysics : ClarkGoble

The Increasingly Interesting Liahona
Mormanity : Jeff Lindsay

Best Tweets of the Day
Mormon Metaphysics : ClarkGoble

Of the Corporation, by the Corporation, for the Corporation: A Short History Lesson (Part 1)
Mormonomics & Mormonethics : Roger Terry

Mormon Mentality : Living in Zion

Surprised by Mercy
Segullah : Rosalyn

See What I’m Saying?
Segullah : Kellie

Best of the Day
Mormon Metaphysics : ClarkGoble


More Islands & Atolls

What Two Little Jewish Girls Taught Me about Being a Mormon Male Leader
Exponent : EmilyCC

Like a Mother Bird: Don’t Work Harder than Your Students
Approaching Justice : stoutadam

Can a Mormon be a Conservative?
Approaching Justice : Johnny Wycliffe

Up for Awards
Mormon Heretic : Mormon Heretic

LDS News Conference on Religious Freedom and Nondiscrimination
Approaching Justice : Chris Henrichsen

On tuning into another LGBT drama in ‘Murica
kiwimormon : Gina Colvin

Feminist Church, in Haiku Form
Exponent : Liz

Hard Mormon Conversations at Church
Exponent : Suzette


More Islands & Atolls

"Many Questions Must Await a Future Answer": The Case of Homosexuality
Things of My Soul : Papa D

Before Sacrament Meeting Begins
Wheat & Tares : Hedgehog

Assédio sexual na missão
Vozes Mormons : Vozes Mórmons

BYU Should Take a Clue from GoDaddy
Mormon Momma : Alison Moore Smith

Upgrades to the Mormon Channel
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman

Lehi & Nephi: The Power of Scriptural Stories Gets Lost if We View Prophets as Objective Historians
Things of My Soul : Papa D

Real Women and Real Men
Wheat & Tares : Kristine A

6 Tools to Make You a Stellar Online Missionary
LDS Media Talk : Larry Richman


Further Islands & Atolls

Receiving Answer to Prayer—Hindered by Over Reliance on “Experts”?
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared

Second Coming: Calamity Shall Cover the Mocker
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

10 Similarities of Early Christian and Catholic Rituals and Mormon Temple Rituals
Grace for Grace : graceforgrace

Ordain Women, Midsingles, and the Trouble with Agency
Rains Came Down : SilverRain

On The Legend of Korra and Avatar: The Last Airbender
Expert Texperts : Casey

Second Coming: Food Storage
Put on the Armor of Light : Michael James Fitzgerald

The Key to a Remission of Our Sins
The Fulness : Spektator

Receiving Answers to Our Prayers—A Matter of Desire
LDS Alive in Christ : Jared



Book Review: On Zion's Mount
Modern Mormon Men : ScottHeff

Mormonism: Post John Dehlin
Modern Mormon Men : ScottHeff

This Blog Will Not Be Here For Much Longer
My Religious Blog : Matsby

Wide releases of 2014: a handy list
Eric Snider : Eric D. Snider

At the end of Malvern Chase
Headlife : RJH

What Is My Deal? An Exhaustive Report
Eric Snider : Eric D. Snider

Everything I wrote in 2014
Eric Snider : Eric D. Snider

Swinyard’s Hill to the Obelisk and Gullet Quarry
Headlife : RJH